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The topic this Wednesday 12-22-2010 is the Holidays. How are you handling them? Are you stressed? What are your plans?

In the second half, we will discuss the repeal of Don’t ask, Don’ tell and what it means to you.

15 Minutes prior to the meeting, at 6:45, we’re meeting at the POZ-Attitudes Christmas Tree in the main room for a group picture and to put the final ornaments on the tree. If you have a special decoration you want to add bring it. Picture is optional, as is ornament.

Come join us. Come early if you want to participate in the final decoration of our Christmas Tree.

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The topic tonight is “Making a Plan”. If you were working in an HIV Testing and Counseling clinic and had 20 minutes to tell someone they had just tested HIV-Positive, what would you tell them to do? What are the things you wish someone had told you? Let’s create a list of things a newly diagnosed person needs to do.

I’m creating a New Page for the Web Site called NEWLY DIAGNOSED. Have a look, click Here. Tonight is your opportunity to comment on this page and help work up Part 5, Making a Plan.


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