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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

“Greed is Good” Gordon Gekko is back, hawking his book “Is Greed Good”. Michael Douglas revives his Academy Award winning character in today’s world. Set against the recent Wall Street collapse, $800 billion bank bailout, Real estate meltdown, and overleveraged loans everywhere, Gekko comments that Greed is legal now. This is one of the better sequels in a long time. It did seem to reflect the times we’ve just gone through although I do wonder, does Hollywood really understand the difference between rich and working class. To Hollywood, rich seems to mean the very rich. When the lead character decides to donate her $100 million dollar trust fund to charity and live off her job at a non-profit organization, she still lives in a fashionable apartment in Manhattan that’s totally decorated. But then maybe she kept a couple million of it and I missed that part.

We had a good showing of 15 guys show up to see this movie at the Coral Ridge AMC. Reviews were slightly mixed. 1 person didn’t care for it at all, some people thought it started off slow but then picked up. We all agreed that Shia LaBoeuf and Carey Mulligan made a cute couple. Although with Carey’s short short haircut, I hope everyone realized that Carey was a female, and not a 22 year old boy.

There were a lot of cameo’s through out the movie from Martin Sheen to Warren Buffet. We have to give credit to the screen writing. The one liners were on target and memorable. Two of our favorites: “You stop telling lies about me and I’ll stop telling the truth about you” which I will probably use in private conversation some time and “The greatest commodity is time” which might make a great topic for The Wednesday Group.

A couple guys, who shall remain nameless, went to the Gateway instead of Coral Ridge to see the movie. What would we do without cell phones?

Afterwards, 9 of us went to Peter Pan for a late dinner. Two of our members just got back from overseas work assignments. One went to Rome, the other to Afghanistan. What a difference!

Talk got around to another group field trip. Spirit Airlines is offering ticket from Ft Lauderdale to the Dominican Republic for $25/each way. A few guys seem to want to go as a group. Sounds fun to me. One of the guys is looking into it.

As for the movie review. Personally, I’ll have to give it just one thumbs up based on the mixed reviews.


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