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Tonight, Wednesday September 22,2010, we’re having a guest speaker. Jim Lopresti from Sunserve will be joining us to tell us about the services that Sunserve offers for the HIV+ community. Come find out and bring your questions. I’d like to get a good turn out for our guest speakers. I guarantee you’ll learn something, if not for you, then for a friend.

The second half, we have 2 very important issues to discuss;

1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

a.) Yesterday the Senate failed to get the votes to repeal DADT. Every Republican voted against it, plus 2 Democrats.
b.) Giving credit when credit is due; “After four years of legal maneuvering by Log Cabin Republicans, US Ridstrict Judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled that the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy is unconstituional.”

2). October edition of AIDS Care published an aritcle yesterday titled “Majority of US gay men support HIV transmission laws” . The article then went on to state “Two thirds of US gay men believe that it should be illegal for HIV-positive men to have unprotected anal sex without disclosure, investigators report in the October edition of AIDS Care.”

a.) We need to discuss; why the title of this article said “transmission laws” and yet the first sentence shifted the argument to “disclosure”. Is this just semantics?

b.) What does the Florida law state?

c.) Is there a legal difference between protected and unprotected sex?

d.) According to this article 69% of untested men support these laws. Is ignorance of your HIV status an excuse? Should regular HIV testing be mandatory?

These are a lot of questions and we might not have time to discuss all these issues.

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This Wednesday 09-22-2010, we have a guest speaker, Jim Lopresti from Sunserve.

SunServe, South Florida’s LGBT non profit social service agency, provides comprehensive counseling and therapy services, and their therapists and counselors have considerable experience working with HIV related concerns. You can get an appointment to meet with a therapist no matter your level of income or insurance coverage.

I’d like to give Jim a good reception so come out and join us.

Cake and refreshements at break, then Current Events in 2nd half.


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