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A group of high profile Democrats and Republicans who back legalizing gay marriage are calling on advocates to shift the focus on the issue from an argument about equal reights to promoting the value of commitment.

When asked why “couples like you” might want to marry, 58% saied to “publicly acknowledge their love and commitment to each other.  When asked why gays and lesbians may want to marry, the respondents split between “love and commitment” and “rights and benefits”.

We’re all searching for common ground and the way to have a conversation with those who would be inclined notto support marriage equality is to search for those common values that we share.

There is no question that when the Supreme Court makes a decision on an important social issue that one of the factors they look at is where the country is.   If we stick with a rights and benefits framework, we will ultimitly not be able to win over enough of the middle to  prevail.


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