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Poziam is blogtalk radio. It is a live broadcast on the internet. You log onto http://www.blogtalkradio.com/poziam or community.poziam.com (There you have to sign up as a member, no fee, and then link to the poziam radio broadcast. that way you get to see the other 1200 people who use this website. )

This Sunday 10-03-2010, @ 9 PM at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/poziam Nate is doing an internet radio show for Poziam, and online community of hiv + men and women. Robert Breining has created a wonderful, safe, well informed community on a new interactive platform with online discussion groups, blogs, articles and of course Poziam Radio.

Nate is going to be talking about the cruise and what it means to the men who have come on the trip. There is a call in number, (347) 215-9442 and he’d appreciate it if one or more of you called in with your thoughts on past cruises. What he’d really like to hear and focus on is not so much the ports ..but the interactions. If you are new to the cruises, it would be great if we could hear about expectations. YOU DONT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR NAME TO THE HOST OR Nate. If he recognizes your voice he will be discreet.

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