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I just got a notice from Positive Healthcare that they are ending their relationship with Dr Noah Lee DO effective March 1, 2011. They are assigning me to Rebecca Colon DO at their Northpoint Healthcare Center.

If anyone has any information about this and would like to comment factually, please do so.


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32 guys showed up to hear Sonia Diaz’s presentation on Positive Healthcare. She brought light snacks and as I was showing people our Christmas Tree downstairs (which is absolutely FABulous), someone offered us the 2 leftover trays of meatballs and meatballs. So we had a full meal.

Sonia gave everyone a package that presented the plans Positive Healthcare offered. They ONLY offer plans to people on Medicare or Medicaid. Positive Healthcare is a non-profit organization designed for people with HIV and as such is the only health care plan designed this way. She explained the the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, the difference between Medicare Part A, B, C and D and HMO, PPO and Point of Sale healthcare plans. She went into detail about the donut hole for prescription drug coverage explaining to us the different level:

1.First $310 is paid by the patient

2.Drug cost up to $2840, the patient pays 25% (2840-310 = 2530 x 25% = 632.50).

3. Donut Hole: Drug cost up to $4550 where the patient pays 100%. (4550 – 2840 = 1710)

4. Catastrophic Coverage; after 4550, the patient pays a flat 5%

Positive Healthcare is an HMO which is a plan where you have a nurse oversee your healthcare and you only see doctors in-network. A plan like this has a lower premium than a PPO.

Medicare only pays 80% of your medical needs. You are responsible for the other 20%. The Positive Healthcare plan covers all 100% being a medicare and supplemental plan.

It was a tough audience and a few people were asking her off-topic questions. The health care system in this country is inadequate and we can’t blame the companies for this situation. The government needs to resolve this issue.

I want to thank Sonia Diaz and Positive Healthcare for this presentation, the food and for being a company that specializes in HIV. We do need you.

After break (the meatballs ran out). We talked about the new drug BIT225 coming out of Australian company Biotron that will allow the Natural Killer T-cells do their job and attack HIV by neutralizes the Vpu protein that now stops this from happening. This is exciting news and ground breaking. This is the first class of drug that moves from just stopping HIV replication to allowing the immune system to attack the virus. The drug is currently in Phase II studies, but we need to keep watch on this.

We also talked about up coming events, Friday Night movie, Saturday night concert at MCC with Gay Men’s chorus, Saturday night LIFE Wonderland party at The Pride Center and Sunday church at MCC. There’s a lot scheduled this weekend, so take advantage of some of these activities and don’t forget to check out our Christmas Tree in the MAIN room (not the Lobby) of The Pride Center ( Look for the sign that says THIS TREE DECORATED BY THE MEN OF POSITE ATTITUDES). So bring your butt over to The Pride Center and hang your balls on the tree as a gesture of group support.


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This Wednesday 12-15-2010, we’re having a guest speaker, Sonia Diaz from Positive Healthcare who will talk about the healthcare plans available. She will also be providing light snacks.

In the second half, we will discuss the new drug from Biotron that allows the Natural Killer T-Cells to attack the AIDS-virus. This is exciting news as this is another NEW class of drugs in the fight against this disease.

We will also discuss the up coming Saturday Holiday concert at MCC.

Come join us

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This Wednesday, 12-15-2010, we’re having a guest speaker; Sonia Diaz, Manager, Sales and Community Outreach for AHF MCO of Florida, Inc. d/b/a Positive Healthcare Partners HMO (Medicare) and Positive Healthcare Florida (Medicaid).

Under the umbrella of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation are various lines of business: Pharmacy, Health Plan, Out-of-The Closet, Healthcare Centers and Public Health.

Sonia represents the health plans, Positive Healthcare Partners and Positive Healthcare Florida and a description of each plan is found below. What makes us unique is that we have health plans designed specifically for people living with HIV/AIDS with operations in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Sonia will be presenting on the health plans that we have as well as a HMO and Medicare 101.

Positive Healthcare Partners (HMO SNP) Florida:

Positive Healthcare™ Partners (HMO SNP) is AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Medicare Advantage Part D Managed Care Plan, designed specifically for Medicare beneficiaries diagnosed with HIV, living in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties.

Positive Healthcare™ Partners (HMO SNP) is considered a “Special Needs Plan” by Medicare and is approved for operation in the Medicare designated service area of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Positive Healthcare™ Partners has created a Medicare Part D formulary of drugs designed to most effectively treat its members living with HIV/AIDS.

All Positive Healthcare™ Partners Primary Care Providers have extensive experience in treating HIV and each of them is involved in the care of at least twenty (20) and usually many more clients living with HIV.

Positive Healthcare Florida is a Medicaid Reform health plan. The plan is for HIV-positive Medicaid recipients who live in Broward County.

Positive Healthcare is part of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the nation’s largest HIV health care provider. The health plan covers the following with no co-pays and no premiums:

Routine and specialist doctor office visits
Hospitalization, emergency and urgent care
Outpatient services
Durable medical equipment
Prescription drugs with no limitations
Medical transportation
Health benefits beyond those of standard Medicaid
Positive Healthcare’s provider network includes leading HIV doctors. It also has a complete network of specialists in Broward County

Sonia Diaz, MS
110 SE 6th Street, Suite 1960
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301
Office: 954-522-3132
Cell: 954-260-0318
Fax: 954-522-5260
Website: http://www.positivehealthcare.org

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