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Update from Tim – SFAN meeting;

I really want to thank those you who came to the SFAN meeting and hope we will have better information soon. I apologize if any one was uncomfortable introducing themself. That is regular for SFAN meetings, but we usually do not do that at Community Meetings. Please be assured that although the meeting is recorded, it is just for very basic minutes and your name will not be posted anywhere. We are in such need for Congress to approve additional funding, but we have to keep asking for it and demanding it.
For those that came, I’m sorry you had to listen to me again about Medicare part D and ADAP. I had not planned to do a presentation but as the day went on yesterday, there seemed to be very little about it so I put a Powerpoint together for a handout just in case. I hope the information I gave was informative, despite being repetitive of what has already been posted. I have had the most frustrating week dealing with Tallahassee trying to get them to see how important it is for ADAP to cover Medicare Part D clients in the Catastrophic Phase.
Due to the huge budget shortfall, I was repeatedly told it was either give them just help in the Doughnut Hole or no help at all. I will continue to fight for extra money from Washington and work with community organizations on ways we can keep patients from falling out of care due to unaffordable costs.
I find it very suprising that the Health Department says only 21 clients in Broward are Medicare + ADAP. That number seems very low to me since we had 8 at the meeting last night.
For those with ADAP, the change in eligiblity from 400% Poverty ($43,320) to 300% ($32,490) will not be the dreaded December 1,2011that was originally announced, but no earlier than February 1, 2011. This gives those affected clients time to enroll in Patient Assistance Programs. This number is 71 in Broward County. At least the Patient Assistance Programs for HIV medications are covering everyone. We are only aware of 1 person who was initally denied, but then received their medication on appeal. It’s important to know you have the right to appeal and for the HIV meds you should not have trouble obtaining them. Unfortunately, supportive medication Patient Assistance Programs are less generous and links those removed from ADAP are under the Meds Assistance tab from the Home Page. As a reminder, the Health Department Patient Assistance Progam Navigator who can help you with both original applications and appeals is William Patrick and his direct number is (954) 467-4700 extension 5666.
I hope there will be good turnout tonight at the Town Hall meeting at Hagen Park as their will be media there to cover it and represenation from government officials. Please hang in there, don’t give up, and try to become an Activist even if you are not directly impacted. Activism from large numbers is the only possibility of us getting the needed additional funding. Thanks again. Tim

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