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The topic this Wednesday is the Cure or a Vaccine for HIV/AIDS.   What are some leading candidates?   What does a cure or vaccine mean?   What is being reported and how to read the reports.

If you have information on cures or vaccines, bring them to meeting to discuss .

I found two vaccines to discuss

Medical researchers in Spain say an experimental vaccine against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has produced a 90 percent immune response among a small group of healthy human test subjects. The promising results pave the way for further clinical trials on HIV-infected volunteers.

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An experimental vaccine developed by a Johnson & Johnson unit and the U.S. military protected monkeys against an animal version of the AIDS virus, a study found.    Monkeys that got the vaccine were as much as 83 percent less likely than those that got a dummy shot to become infected with simian immunodeficiency virus.

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New HIV Vaccine

HIV MVA-B Vaccine May Reduce Virus To ‘Minor Chronic


Spanish scientists in Madrid say a new vaccine could reduce HIV to a “minor chronic infection” like herpes.  

The researchers report that 90% of participants given the MVA-B vaccine showed an immune response to the virus and 85% kept the immunity a year later.

The success of this vaccine is based on the capability of human’s immune system to learn how to react over time against virus particles and infected cells.

MVA‐B is an attenuated virus, which has already been used in the past to eradicate smallpox, and also as a model in the research of many other vaccines.

Once injected, the vaccine teaches the volunteer’s immune system to track down and fight off the virus. 

This vaccine still needs  to pass Phase II and Phase III clinic trials, before it makes it into production.

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