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The Immune Power Personality - 7 Traits You Can Develop to Stay Healthy

“Realizing our authentic selves is among the most powerful health prescriptions we can adopt.”

Henry Dreher Book, The Immune Power Personality, outlines seven personality traits that are linked to strong immune functions. The healing personality and the healthy immune system both demonstrate qualities of (1) Keen Attention; (2) Expressive Communication; (3) Hardiness; (4) Assertiveness; (5) Trust; (6) Helping; and (7) Self-Complexity. The congruence between our psychological and immunological systems suggest that both are devoted to the same overriding goals for our organisms: balance and harmony, communication and connectedness, and maintaining our bodymind integrity.

“The Immune Power Personality handles stressful events not with denial, but with acceptance, flexibility, and a willingness to learn and grow. These characteristics prevent the Immune Power Personality from breaking down emotionally and physically in the midst of life crises. Psychologists have long documented the role of healthy traits in maintaining a healthy state of mind. Now mind-body scientists are demonstrating the role of healthy traits in maintaining a healthy state of body.”

“Hypnosis and meditation fine-tune our attention and connection to bodymind states. Relaxation, biofeedback, and guided imagery enhance our sense of control. Cognitive therapies increase hardiness by changing a relentlessly negative perspective into a more positive one. Group and individual therapy nourishes our capacity to confide, and to assert ourselves.”

Participation in a Group may facilitate healing by evoking people’s resiliency characteristics. “Being in a Group with others undergoing the same fears and anguish creates an atmosphere in which people’s’ strengths — their self-care, compassion, and fighting spirit — can flourish.”

Read Henry Dreher’s Article at: TheBody.com

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