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The PrEP study using Truvada

Mark King in his blog My Fabulous Disease summarizes this important debate raging among AIDS advocates right now – does PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) help or hurt prevention efforts? PrEP, in layman’s terms, is the strategy of giving a pill regimen to people at risk of contracting HIV – the regimen appears partially effective, in early studies, in keeping them from becoming HIV infected. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, for one, has gone on record saying “there is no magic pill,” because they fear PrEP will lead to riskier behavior. But other HIV advocates, like many involved in IRMA (International Rectal Microbicide Advocates) believe PrEP is worthy of further investigation. Yes this sounds wonky, but trust me, it has everything to do with the future of HIV prevention and it’s worth your browsing these links and forming your own opinion.

Response from ACT NOW – Choice in HIV Prevention

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From My Fabulous Disease, Mark King gives us a preview of an inspirational book:It Gets Better. He calls it the book of the year.

The It Gets Better Project is the brainchild of writer Dan Savage and his partner Terry Miller. In response to a rash of gay teen suicides due to bullying, the couple realized they didn’t “need permission from parents or an invitation from a school” to reach troubled LGBT teens. All they needed was YouTube to talk to them directly, telling kids to hang on, that “it gets better.”

Interestingly, the most famous names in the book have the least impact. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, Suzie Orman, and even Ellen Degeneres are all here, but their pieces feel about as passionate as thumbing through their cue cards. Maybe fame leads to caution.

Personally, I’d read the book for the voice of lesbian Gabriella Rivera. Gabriella appears on page 45 and not a moment too soon, bursting with truth and anger and passion. “It kind of doesn’t get better,” she proclaims. “…but what happens is this: You get stronger. You learn how to love yourself. You learn that other people are just crazy and caught up in their own crap.” How true is THAT?

Check out My Fabulous Disease and the book It Gets Better.

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Mark King visits a HIV+ gay sex club and interviews the owner. He asks the provocative questions that I would have wanted answered. Are there any questions that you think he should have asked? What is your opinion on this type of club and serosorting in general as an HIV prevention method?

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The topic this Wednesday January 26,2011 is World AIDS Day.

Mark King will be participating in a conference call with World AIDS Campaign about World AIDS Day 2011.

They want feedback on past WAD themes and challenges, and suggested themes for this year.

– 1) What barriers or problems are there in promoting World AIDS Day?

– 2) What should our message to the public be this year?

-If anyone would like to participate in a survey being done that will help inform this year’s World AIDS Day, please go to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/worldaidsday2010

Past World AIDS Day Themes, 1988–present:

1988 Communication
1989 Youth
1990 Women and AIDS
1991 Sharing the Challenge
1992 Community Commitment
1993 Act
1994 AIDS and the Family
1995 Shared Rights, Shared Responsibilities
1996 One World. One Hope
1997 Children Living in a World with AIDS
1998 Force for Change: World AIDS Campaign With Young People
1999 Listen, Learn, Live: World AIDS Campaign with Children & Young People
2000 AIDS: Men Make a Difference
2001 I care. Do you?
2002 Stigma and Discrimination
2003 Stigma and Discrimination
2004 Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS
2005 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise
2006 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Accountability
2007 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Leadership
2008 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Lead – Empower – Deliver
2009 Universal Access and Human Rights
2010 Universal Access and Human Rights

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Mark S. King interviews Nelson Vergel on pooping while going through the refrigerator. Find out how many times a day you are supposed to poop. What foods make pooping fun? It’s not fiction that we need pulp.

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