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After attending the Hepatitis class on Monday 09-27-2010, I learned some valuable information, I’d like to share with you.

People with HIV are at HIGH-RISK for Hepatitis, A, B and C. 30% of people with HIV are coinfected with Hep-C.

There are vaccinations available for Hepatitis-A and Hepatitis-B, but there is NO vaccination for Hepatitis-C.

Both Hep-A and Hep-B vaccinations have proven safe and effective and you can get them at the same time – it’s easy. Hepatitis-A requires 2 shots and Hepatitis-B requires 3 shots. You need to complete all the shots to become vaccinated, but it’s never too late too finish the series if you miss a shot.

Most health plans will pay for Hepatitis A and B vaccines for adults at high-risk. Both Gay men and HIV Positive people are high-risk. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance will not cover these vaccines, The Broward County Health Department will provide them for free. Just call the Hepatitis Hotline, tell them you are at high-risk and make an appointment, 954-759-5456.

I created a Tab for Hepatitis because I think this is something we need to address more in the HIV Positive Community and make ourselves aware of the risks.

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