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Today, Friday February 11, 2011, SF and I took The African-American History of HIV/AIDS to the AIDS Health Fair at Blanche Ely High School. Blanche Ely is the Medical Magnet high school for Broward County so these are kids that are interested in medical issues. We started setting up our tables in the gymnasium at 8:15 AM and shut down at 2:30. All the kids in the high school were sent through the fair in hour shifts throughout the day. There were exhibits from Broward County Health Department, Broward House, AHF, Tibotec, Children’s Diagnostic Center plus about 20 other local agencies. As part of our exhibit, we had a comment board. These are the comments high school kids made concerning AIDS and our exhibit:
-Be Safe! Protect yourself!
-Good info we can learn from.
-WHOA Thanks for the info
-No Glove…. No Love!!!
-Don’t have sex, you’ll get pregnant and die! haha lol -Amanda
-Know yourself, love yourself, protect yourself – Paige
-did you know the majority of people that have aids are black? Ely is a black school. Thanks
-Don’t have sex!!! Protect yourself
-Didn’t know all the info I know now!
-Wrap it UP!!
-Know what your doing.
-If you can’t wrap it, close it.
-Quit having sex! Portect yourself!
-Safe sex!!
-Knowledge is power!!
-Knowledge is power
-Safe sex is great sex. better use a latex b4 you get that late text that I think I’m late text -Nicole
-Don’t be silly wrap your Willy!! -Shevy
-No ring, No Fling!
-Practice abstinence
-Safe sex is best sex so better use a latex!!
-Choose to wait. We are all at risk -Shanice
and my favorite:
-Steven was AWESOME. Learned TONS -Angelina & Kim

This was an awesome day for me getting to share this information and knowledge with these kids. We were so well received it great to see a group of such motivated, intelligent and empowerd kids. I hope we get to do this again.


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