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The Wednesday meeting on February 23 will be held in the main hall of the Pride Center and the topic is Egrifta. Our guest speaker will be Vern Appleby the Director Clinical Research at the office of Gary Richmond M.D. where the Egrifta studies took place and future studies will be conducted. We’ve booked the hall and Diplomnat Pharmacy is providing refreshments. I’d like to get a good turnout for this, so please come and invite your friends. -Steve

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30 guys showed up for the Wednesday Meeting. Ralph from After-Life (not THE Afterlife) talked to us about the upcoming AIDS walk. PozAttitudes is walking with the Pride Center. He explained how to register and collect donations. I’ll be posting that information later.

The topic of the night was ‘How to pick an HIV doctor’. This was an important topic to me because Positive Healthcare cancelled Noah Lee, my doctor, and therefore this is something that affects me personally.

My doctor up north, Joel Gallant from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD wrote a book call 100 Quetions and Answers About HIV and AIDS. One of his chapters was on How to find the right medical care.

The choice of a medical doctor may be the most important one you make, so make it carefully. Treating HIV is complex. It’s not something that should be attempted by providers without experience and training. Studies have shown that people treated by HIV experts stay healthier and live longer than those managed by non-experts. Mistakes made by inexperienced clinicians (I can’t pronounce that) early in the course of therapy can lead to drug resistance that never goes away. There are doctors who will refer their patients to dermatologists for zits, but will try managing HIV by themselves.

There’s no such thing as an “HIV specialist” which is why the term expert was used. An HIV expert is simply a clinician (there’s that word again) with lots of HIV experience who keeps up with the latest research on therapy. Some infectious disease specialists are HIV experts but some aren’t. There are general internists and family practiitioners who are HIV experts. Experts don’t even have to be doctors. There are experts nurse practitioners and physician assistants, which is why the term “clinician” (not again!) or “health care provider” is used rather than doctor.

Finding expert care can be tricky. You can ask your primary care provider for a referral, talk to a case manager, someone from an AIDS service organization an infected friend or a support group.

There are a couple questions recommended:
1). Is the provider covered by your insurance plan.


2). How much experience does the provider have? How do they keep up with the latest advances in the Field?
3). Will the HIV exprt be your Primary Care Provider?
4). How often will I see provider? When do I get labwork drawn, on the day of my visit or before?
5). How do I reach the provider between visits for questions, new problems or emergencies?
6). Where would I go if I needed to be hospitalized?

We decided that it was better to ask a doctor for a “consultation” than an “interview” to find the answers to these questions and other questions. Someone commented that the Health Department was closing their HIV centers. I will reseach this and get more news out there.

We then talked about specific doctors and our personnel experiences with them rating them from 0-4 stars.

1). Noah Lee D.O.: 3 people. 2 gave him 4-stars and one was just starting with him. Staff problems were mentioned.

2). Marah Lee D.O.: 2 people had experience. 1 4-stars and 1 3-star. It’s hard to get an emergency appointment with her and she regularly sends people to the emergency room.

3). Luckett: 2 People both gave him 4-stars. No other comments

4). Rebecca Colon D.O. and M.D.: 3 people each gave her 4-stars. No other comments.

5). Lyter: 5 people had experience, 4 gave him 4-stars, 1 gave him 3-stars, No other comments.

6). Gary Richmond: 4 people had experience. 1 gave him 4-stars, 2 gave him 3-stars. He’s not seen regularly but the Nurse Practitioner Marguerite got 4 4-stars. It was noted that Richmonds office does not draw blood and a patient has to go to Quest for the blood draws.

7). Shuman: 3 people had experience, 1 3-stars, 1 2-stars and 1 0-stars. The comment was that he was “too busy”.

8). Bartczak: 2 people had experience. 1 4-star and 1 0-star. She sent someone to emergency room for an infection that patient had experienced multiple times before and when patient complained she dismissed the patient’s issues unprofessionally.

9). Cuenca: Care Resources, 1 4-stars but the staff is questinable.

10). Hegler M.D. and J.D. (attorney). 1 4-star and 1 2-star. person felt he was inpersonal.

11). Myron Davidson: 1-4-stars, 1 3-stars, 1 1-star.

12). Pipprato (Miami) 2 3-stars

13. Holding: Broward County Health Department 1 4-star

These are the comments made by the people attending the meeting and may or may not reflect the opinions of this website. But we feel that sharing information about our persona experiences with doctors can only lead to better qualtiy care. And we hope that any doctor that reads this, takes it as constructive criticism and attempts to improve his/her services to our community.


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