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David posted his experience with the LIFE Program, the World AIDS Day Vigil, and POZitive Attitudes on KosAbility, a community diary series on the Daily Kos.

Read David’s KosAbility dairy as well as the comments & then add to the discussion!

“…And for our last meeting the LIFE Program gave us a graduation ceremony. We had just answered the same extensive questionnaire we had answered before the program began to compare our personal and group progress. My low ones, Grief and Loss went from 19% to 91%; Trusted Support 23% to 100%; Depression from 25% to 91% and Life Purpose and Goals from 35% to 98%. My overall score went from 57% to 95% for all 26 of the co-factors. Amazing numbers I would say! The overall group total went from 63% to 78%.

But it’s not all about numbers. All the guys told me they noticed my appearance got better and I was smiling and socializing more at the end of the Program. I have to say I noticed many good changes in them too. I will miss my weekly Tuesday meetings with them.

But now it’s time to move on. I have a better outlook on life and a bunch of new friends to share it with. I have found a great group of guys in POZitive Attitudes that meet every Wednesday at the Pride Center and do other activities all the time. I have also organized my paintings, gotten a website for them and am having a month-long exhibition at the Pride Center for the whole month of January that came from encouragement and direction while in the LIFE Program.

It may be called the Shanti Learning Immune Function Enhancement Program, or Shanti LIFE Program for short. But to me it’s just all about life! It’s certainly made a huge difference in mine. I have one again.”


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