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The topic Wednesday; “Breaking up is Hard to Do vs 50 Ways to leave your lover” touched many lives. A lot of guys shared their intimate stories of breaking up with someone they still loved. Overall we had 30 guys attend the group. Some quick surveys showed that 5 guys were currently in a relationship, 25 were not. 26 guys had been a dumper sometime in their life and 25 had been dumped sometime in their life. 7 guys had broken up a relationship because of HIV related issues.

In the comparision between the two pop songs; 5 guys identified more with the 50 ways to leave your lover while 24 guys identified that breaking up was hard to do.

George provided a wonderful home made “orange something” cake (his description). We give this cake 4-stars.

After the meeting, 9 of us went to Peter Pan for more food.


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