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This Wednesday 06-15-2011 we’re having a guest speaker. Jason King from AIDS Healthcare Farmacy Foundation (AHF) is coming to the group to speak about AHF. He’s also bringing FOOD. So if you want to find out about AHF, and/or want to ask questions and/or just want to eat, come joins us.


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AIDS Healthcare Foundation is looking for at least 30 Florida ADAP patients who have been put on The Wait List or who would be dropped on February 1, 2011 by the income eligibility being lowered from 400% to 300% Federal Poverty Level. AHF plans to march on Washington in mid January (Date TBA) and will pay for impacted patients to attend. They will be covering all expenses. It would be great if we have impacted patients in our group or through the PALS Project who would be willing to go to D.C., participate in this march and personally lobby Congress. This is a great Advocacy opportunity. If interested, they should contact Jason King at AHF. His email is Jason.King@aidshealth.org. Please share this information with friends if you know they are negatively impacted currently or will be impacted on February 1, 2011.

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