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The PrEP study using Truvada

Mark King in his blog My Fabulous Disease summarizes this important debate raging among AIDS advocates right now – does PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) help or hurt prevention efforts? PrEP, in layman’s terms, is the strategy of giving a pill regimen to people at risk of contracting HIV – the regimen appears partially effective, in early studies, in keeping them from becoming HIV infected. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, for one, has gone on record saying “there is no magic pill,” because they fear PrEP will lead to riskier behavior. But other HIV advocates, like many involved in IRMA (International Rectal Microbicide Advocates) believe PrEP is worthy of further investigation. Yes this sounds wonky, but trust me, it has everything to do with the future of HIV prevention and it’s worth your browsing these links and forming your own opinion.

Response from ACT NOW – Choice in HIV Prevention

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