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Here’s a video from Mark S. King’s Blog My Fabulous Disease on the Poz Cruise Oct 23 to Oct 31,2010. Be sure to watch the video. My favorite spots are at 5:08 ( ME !!!) and 7:59 where he shouts Holy Kaletra and talks about going down the Zip Line.

I’m going to do a day by day account of our group’s activities on the cruise starting later this week. If you want to send me pictures, send them to PAHereandNow@aol.com. You will be able to post your own comments and attach your own pictures for each day. Pictures can not include anyone’s face but your own and sending them to me means that you have given me permission to post that picture on the web site. Stories and pictures should should relate to the day of discussion. Here is a list of the days:
Day-0 10-22-2010 PreCruise Party at Shubert and Manors. I need a picture for this day.
Day-1 10-23-2010 Departure and Red Party. I need a picture for the Red Party.
Day-2 10-24-2010 At sea. First Elegant Nite
Day-3 10-25-2010 Cozumel
Day-4 10-26-2010 at sea
Day-5 10-27-2010 Costa Rica; Water Slide and Zip Line
Day-6 10-28-2010 Panama
Day-7 10-29-2010 Second Elegant Nite
Day-8 10-30-2010 at sea
Day-9 10-31-2010 Departure


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Gentle reminder that tonite (Sunday, Oct 3rd) at 9 PM EST Nate will be talking with Robert, Jeromy, and Jack on Poziam Radio about the upcoming cruise and next year’s event. (never too late to start planning)

Just go to this link and click the listen NOW button at 9PM call in PLEASE with your comments about past cruises and what made you decide to go on the cruise and why you are coming back


(347) 215-9442 call in number.. wait about 10-15 min for the intro


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Poziam is blogtalk radio. It is a live broadcast on the internet. You log onto http://www.blogtalkradio.com/poziam or community.poziam.com (There you have to sign up as a member, no fee, and then link to the poziam radio broadcast. that way you get to see the other 1200 people who use this website. )

This Sunday 10-03-2010, @ 9 PM at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/poziam Nate is doing an internet radio show for Poziam, and online community of hiv + men and women. Robert Breining has created a wonderful, safe, well informed community on a new interactive platform with online discussion groups, blogs, articles and of course Poziam Radio.

Nate is going to be talking about the cruise and what it means to the men who have come on the trip. There is a call in number, (347) 215-9442 and he’d appreciate it if one or more of you called in with your thoughts on past cruises. What he’d really like to hear and focus on is not so much the ports ..but the interactions. If you are new to the cruises, it would be great if we could hear about expectations. YOU DONT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR NAME TO THE HOST OR Nate. If he recognizes your voice he will be discreet.

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I talked to Dr Lee yesterday about what to take and how to prepare for our cruise to Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. This is what he suggested:

1. Pepto Bismal Tablets for stomach
2. Tylenol for headaches
3. Motrin or Advil for aches and pains
4. Lomitil or Immodium for diarrhea
5. Neosporin for skin infections
6. Bandaids for cuts
7. Doxycycline can treat skin infections, but also works for chlamydia and syphilis. I get cellulitis in my feet occassionally and want to be prepared.
8. Cipro is for anything GI, or upper respiratory and a single pill has been shown to treat gonorrhea.
9. Transdem- Motion sickness patch
10. Dramamine – Motion sickness pill in case patch doesn’t work

*** Malaria*** My doctor said that Malaria is not a problem in Mexico, Costa Rica or Panama. We discussed this in group and other people have the opinion that its not a problem as long as you stay in the cities, but could be a problem out in the country. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she recommends.

*** Don’t drink the water, including ice cubes in drinks. Salads and fresh fruit are off limits since they were washed in the water. Brush your teeth with bottled water. This is for excursions off the ship. Ship water should be fine.


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Ready for an adventure? A possibly life changing week-long experience? Join 200+ HIV+ Gay Men on the POZ Cruise, October 23-31, 2010 The Carnival Ship leaves from Fort Lauderdale and sails to Cozumel, Costa Rica, and Panama. Visit wwww.hivcruise.com for more information

There are about 18 of us guys from the Group who will be going on the cruise. So sign up now and join in the fun. Chances are you will have a bunch of friends onboard — if not you make some great new ones!

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